Sunday, July 22, 2007

What day is it?

At random moments, I am jerked out of mechanicality with my mind screaming out, "What day is it? What day is this?" For one frantic second it feels like a bona fide amnesia experience with nothing to grab onto and no ground to stand on. I wonder, hectically, 'Have I missed a commitment to something?' My brain slows down enough to pop up the current day/date and I scan the mental list.

It's either 'Yikes!' or 'Whew...'

Oh yeah, today's the day I told myself to blog on 'Criminal Minds' ...Whew...

Cheryl Kaye Tardif on Publishers Marketplace

I am now on Publishers Marketplace.

Please show your support by clicking on the following link:

(Especially if you are an agent or New York Publisher! :)

Thank you,
Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

8 Random Things About...

The authors at Criminal Minds at Work have been 'tagged'!

I challenge you to share some trivia. Either in a separate post or as a comment, please share 8 random things about yourself.

I have done so on my own blog

So, come on....tell us something funny...or juicy. Inquiring minds wanna know. :)

Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Suspense Author Cheryl Kaye Tardif - "Touring the World" virtually

August brings a very special event for Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of the bestseller Whale Song. Cheryl is the first Kunati author to organize her own virtual book tour. She will be "appearing" at a variety of websites and blogs over the entire month of August, sharing thoughts about writing, her novels, the publishing process, the characters in Whale Song and her newest novels success.

Cheryl will be interviewed on some of most popular book/author blog and websites, including BookPleasures and The Dark Phantom Review. Along with these insightful interviews, you can read reviews of Whale Song, listen to audiocasts of the prologue and a chapters or two, and maybe even read one of Cheryl's short stories.

Cheryl's "Touring the World" virtual book tour begins August 1st, so mark that down on your calendars. Then check out back here for more information. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. Prizes will be given out at some of Cheryl's stops, so be sure to visit them all.

This event also comes at a great time for Kunati Books, with their new Great Summer Reads Contest. Read 3 or more Kunati titles and you could win FREE BOOKS!

And midway through "Touring the World", on August 12th, Cheryl is celebrating her 44th birthday in a BIG way! She will be giving away 44 prize packages.


Grand Prize: A limited edition collector’s copy (autographed) of the original Whale Song novel featuring cover art by world-famous David Miller; a beautiful Whale Song limited edition collector’s mug; an autographed copy of BOTH Divine Intervention and The River; and some beautiful bookmarks. Prize valued at approximately $100.00.

43 Second place prizes: Choice of either Divine Intervention or The River (autographed) and a beautiful bookmark.

Click HERE for more info on how you can win.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That White Page!

Aw, the blank white page stares back at me daring me to enter the first word. Why is the first sentence the most tortuous? Whether on paper or on the computer screen, getting started is always the hardest. Could you say procrastination is one of my skills? Most probably. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm on page one of a new novel or if I've been barrelling right along and just stopped for the night. Starting up again is a struggle. Maybe I should say I'm waiting for inspiration but the truth is inspiriation comes with hard work. Where's my discipline? A quote I can never get out of my mind is: a writer is only a writer when he writes. So I should get back to it - my second novel, Memory of Murder. A preview is available at Windy Gale Books.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dying for Chocolate Murder Mystery Script

For any groups, professional (theatre troupes, resorts) or amateurs (social committess, hostesses) looking to make a killing at their next event, the mystery script DYING FOR CHOCOLATE is now available. Purchase a delicious mystery party in a pdf at Masterpiece Mysterys(.com).

This tried and true script is filled is smugglers, rivalries, jealousies and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! If fact the murder weapon is....but wait, I won't give it away.

Dying for Chocolate is the first of three comprehensive mystery scripts which will soon be available for groups who would love to put on a mystery party and need help with the intricacies.