Monday, May 05, 2008

Write a short, short story. Win free copies of JANEOLOGY

Janeology just received a 5 Bolt review from the New Mystery Reader. Woo! To celebrate the event, I have a couple first edition, signed, hardback copies of Janeology to give away to my most creative friends.

All you have to do to prove your creativity is write a ten word story about a dysfunctional family. (See, Jane's family is pretty dysfunctional so, well, you get the idea.) It can't be under ten words. It must be precisely ten. The more humorous and bizarre, the better. No profanity, please. If your gem absolutely, positively must include an expletive, insert the word "muffin." Really. It will work. Trust me. Ex: "I've had it with these mother-muffin snakes on this mother-muffin plane!" Hey, you've got to have rules or we'd all be…dysfunctional. Okay, more dysfunctional.

Once you've written your story, post it on And then tell all your friends to come on over here and give it a try!

I'll announce the winners on May 31, 2008 and post the stories on my blogs. And if you don't feel that creative and just want to read Jane's dysfunctional family story you could always order it here.

Okay. Proceed. And have fun!

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