Sunday, April 20, 2008

Malice: A forethought

I’ll spend next weekend in the company of a lot of dangerous ladies, and I wanted to give fair warning, just in case you might want to be one of them.

Friday through Sunday we’ll gather in Arlington, VA for the Malice Domestic Mystery Convention. Since 1989, Malice Domestic has been an annual mystery fan’s convention focused on the traditional mystery--think in terms of books best typified by the works of Agatha Christie. However they are a warm and welcoming group and even those of us who write private eye stories are made welcome. Besides, Arlington is the next town over so Malice is like my hometown mystery con

This year’s guests of honor include Lindsey Davis and Charlaine Harris. To prove there’s no gender bias here, Dan Stashower will serve as Toastmaster, and this year Peter Lovesey will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award. And because writers love to be surrounded by fans, they expect more than 175 authors to attend as well.

All the panels, interviews and great meals will take place at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel. Even if you don’t live nearby you might want to check this one out. And look for me. I’ll be chatting with my favorite authors too, but never too busy to greet a fan.

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