Saturday, April 12, 2008

20/20 reveals...shocking "lunchtime lipo" scam

This is Part 1 of 3 scams that 20/20 investigated...

You know what I think is completely criminal? Businesses that tout the wonders of a product or service, all the while blatantly lying about said product or service's true agenda, or the benefits, or the research done. Last night 20/20 aired a show that revealed some of the scams that people are getting sucked into. They investigated a non-surgical lipo treatment that supposedly melts the fat away.

Lunchtime Lipo:

This is a new procedure that is attracting men and women who are desperate to shed unwanted fat. Lipodissolve promises to dissolve fat and leave no scars as it's not a surgical procedure but a series of injections. People are paying $1500 on up for these treatments. In the segment of 20/20, hidden cameras caught the consultant at one spa blatantly lying, saying that the drugs used were FDA approved.

The end result? 20/20 interviewed a group of women who had undergone the procedure and their stories were horrifying. Some had been left with deformities, others had been left with gaping sores or discolored skin. The first thing I though of when I saw one woman's leg was 'flesh-eating disease'. Is that what their injecting to "dissolve" fat?

Admittedly, if I had seen the hyped up advertising, I would have been tempted to look into it. I've always struggled with weight issues and for a couple of years was able to maintain a size 6 figure. A couple of years ago my daughter and I were diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder. We were advised to walk and swim. That's it. No more weights, no more glider machine, no skiing or skating for Jess, nothing that puts any impact on our joints. My weight is suffering for it.

After watching 20/20, I think I'll "weight" until something has been out on the market for a while, thoroughly tested and approved etc, before I think about doing anything drastic. It's just not worth risking my life and I certainly wouldn't want flesh-eating disease-like symptoms and a deformed stomach.

Bottom line? I'll keep my money and my fat, thank you.

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~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
Canadian suspense author

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