Monday, April 28, 2008

Malice - After the FAct

One day after one of my favorite mystery conventions and I'm still grinning like a loon. The Malice Domestic mystery conference is always a great time. I see a lot of old friends on panels and in the hospitality room. It’s great to see who wins an Agatha Award. It fun to attend a high tea, renew acquaintances with folks who share my publisher or my agent, and meet fans from as far away as Canada. It’s fun to see who is most creative in the hat contest (that’s Elizabeth Zelvin in her charming chapeau. It’s actually a chap-Poe with a bobble head of Edgar Allen lashed to the back.)

The biggest surprise was learning that some of my favorite authors - Dan Stashower, Lindsey Davis, and Peter Lovesey - are also flat out hilarious if you let them near a microphone! It’s also quite a kick to have an editor from a major publisher tell you that she is following your career and wants to know what you’re working on. That kind of thing can make an already great event truly memorable.

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