Thursday, November 01, 2012

WANTED Posters from the RCMP

PRYSTAY, Ryan James (1983 April 24)

6’0”; 220 lbs; tattoo: “soldier” left arm; dragon left calf; $ right hand

PRYSTAY is serving an 8 year 8 month sentence for numerous property; violence and non compliance related offences.  He was released on Statutory Release on 2012 July 05. On 2012 October 9, a Canada wide warrant was issued for his arrest after he fled from an Edmonton halfway house and his parole officer lost all contact with him. PRYSTAY has accumulated in excess of 30 criminal convictions in the past 10 years many for violent related offences. He has gang ties. If located do not approach, call police.

LALONDE, Rochelle Jacqueline (1983 August 05)

5’3”; 145 lbs;tattoo: “love or hate” right arm; “ROCH” RLTK” right hand

LALONDE is serving a 5 year 11 month sentence for manslaughter. She was released to an Edmonton halfway house on Day Parole.  She fled from the halfway house on 2012 October 10. Her whereabouts are unknown. There is a Canada wide warrant for her arrest. If located do not approach, call police.


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