Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mystery Plot Points - MOTIVE

Plot Point #4 - Everyone Has a Motive
           In murder mystery entertainment every suspect has a motive. For every motive you need a piece of evidence. I write mystery entertainment so that some of the evidence is spoken dialogue, some of the evidence is hardcopy clues and much of the evidence is covered both ways, just to make sure no one in the audience misses anything.
          If the clue is verbal only then it must be included in a 'scripted' scene. All scripted scenes must be on microphone. There is nothing so detrimental to murder mystery entertainment as the audience not being able to hear what the characters are saying. Except a boring script. My scripts are never boring.
          The actor who is giving out the 'verbal only' clue must also make sure it is relayed to every group of people as he 'works the tables'. Mingling should take place between the scripted scenes as well as at the beginning of the evening.
          Included in this posting are the motives for three of the four suspects; Nadia, Shyster, and Samira. The fourth piece of evidence, although addressed to Samira is a clue to something that Shazam is trying to hide. His motive is covered in the dialogue with the other characters during the scripted scenes.

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