Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another severed foot found on BC beach

Is this a case of one foot in the grave; the other washed up on a beach? Another severed foot was found along Vancouver Island's shore. This makes 6, or some would think. But this recent find isn't quite what it appears to be.

"A forensic pathologist and anthropologist examined the running shoe found on Wednesday and determined a “skeletonised animal paw” had been placed inside the shoe and packed with dried seaweed," states the Globe and Mail.

Some might call it an innocent prank; I call it a cruel slap in the face. What appeared to be the remains of a human foot have led to one conclusion--someone has a twisted mind. Someone actually had the nerve to stuff animal bones into the sneaker and pack it with seaweed? And leave it on the beach to be discovered by an innocent passerby? There's just one word for that--SICK!

Five actual severed feet have been discovered in the past year in the same area, an area that was once famed pig farmer/serial killer Robert Pickton's hunting ground.

Not to mention that a plane went down in the Gulf Island area. To date, none of the feet provided a DNA match to the victims of the plane crash.

My opinion: this is either a disgusting prank or there is a serial killer, as some suspect, who is taunting investigators. If it's a prankster, I vote he gets a hard kick in the ass. If it's the latter, I vote off with both his feet!

Read the article in Globe and Mail.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,

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