Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The second Simon & Elizabeth mystery has arrived at my doorstep--at least the author copies have. No sign yet of my order for personal sales, but I've gotten wiser. There will be no Book Launch W/O Books this time, as there was when the first printing of HER HIGHNESS' FIRST MURDER sold out before I got mine.

POISON, YOUR GRACE pairs Simon Maldon and Elizabeth Tudor as investigators a second time (Book #1-HER HIGHNESS' FIRST MURDER) when a council member is poisoned. At first Elizabeth fears her brother might have been the target, but soon the fear becomes more personal: she might be blamed for the murder.

I love Simon Maldon, the crippled young man who serves as Elizabeth's secret detective. He is now an apothecary's apprentice, and I had a lot of fun reading up on medicines of the time: powdered rabbit head as tooth cleaner?

Like a lot of authors, characters from the first book became friends and therefore came back to visit. Hannah, Simon's girlfriend, becomes a featured character in this book while Welsh Guardsman Hugh Bellows steps into a minor but still helpful role.

I really enjoy writing this series, and I'm neck deep in Book #3, so I should really get back to work!

The book will be out in large print  and e-book soon. Order POISON, YOUR GRACE at
Or call your library and ask them to order it! Five Star loves that!

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