Thursday, August 25, 2011

The REAL criminal mind at work is...

I was emailed this interesting link to ten facts about the criminal brain by Jay Smith Criminal Justice Degrees Guide

I must get a MRI done...on  my characters' brains.

If criminal behaviour is linked to physical causes, how effective is punishment going to be?  How sane is it for society and victims to feel anger toward aggressors?  Should we no longer blame poor parenting and/or poverty for producing criminals?  Are violent perpetrators victims themselves...of brain malformation and/or malfunction?

Is there anything at all we can do to prevent criminal behaviour?

Check out my popular article I met a man with empty eyes . It's a true account of my chilling encounter with a pyschopath.  The criminal mind--always very fascinating.


David said...

I worked for 20 years as a correctional officer, and found that most of the sociopaths and psychopaths were among my peers, not necessarily behind bars. I have met some people, however, who were absolutely evil, one I believed was demon-possessed. How do we handle all of this? How do we make a difference? By helping share the light of Jesus Christ, one on one, so people can see that God really does love them. You see, He is the only one who can change anyone, and love DOES change a person.

Eileen Schuh: said...

Hi, David. Thanks for your comment. It is very unsettling to meet someone who doesn't appear to have a soul. It's as if they are robots in a human body. Are they like that because they chose to be or are they like that because their brains were made wrong? Can someone without a soul be saved by religion? Good questions.