Wednesday, August 03, 2011

John Wayne Gacy's Criminal Mind

Review: John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster  Sam L Amirante & Danny Broderick (Skyhorse Publishing)

I write crime fiction but I love reading True Crime.  Amirante and Broderick’s John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster is right up there with Anne Rule’s books—in my opinion.   

Amirante was Gacy’s lawyer and tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to mount an insanity defence for his client.  While most of us know the story of Gacy’s horrendous murdering spree, this book provides more than enough behind-the-scenes information to hold a reader’s interest.

While remaining very respectful of both his client and Gacy’s victims, Amirante and Broderick masterfully spice the drama with low-key humour—aimed mostly at the lawyer’s novice self at the time, and the bizarre circumstances surrounding the case and the trial.

The writing is powerful, clean, and well-paced. It avoids the technical and detailed explanations that often bog down a true crime story and gets right to the interesting part—the people behind the story.

Amirante/Broderick fearlessly cast the villain into the limelight—readers with an avid interest in the criminal mind will come away satisfied that they now know much more about the mind and soul of John Wayne Gacy and the people whose lives he so radically changed.

This book is due for an August release.

Upon invitation, I submitted questions to the authors and will be posting that interview soon.

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