Friday, August 24, 2007

Which World?

Which world do I live in? There is my physical day-to-day life. What's normally called "real life". Then there's the second world that's a mix of reality and fiction. Always walking somewhat outside of my life, I'm constantly translating it for adaptation into a book. I live with these creations: events that never happen, people I never meet. The third and final world is totally fictional. It's the world of my current work in progress. It's that time and place and most particularly those people who call to me. They need me to live. Sitting here looking out to a gray rainy morning, I realize I need them as well. Which world does the mind of a criminal writer live in? Well, for me right now, I'm going to live in my characters world - 1956 in Toronto, Ontario. For a preview of my next novel, Memory of Murder go to

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