Thursday, April 19, 2007

Would you let a monster take your child?

Can I tell you a secret? Shhh...promise not to tell. Ok, I do realize that once I mention it here it won't be a secret anymore, but I will share with you that I have completed a new suspense thriller. It is called Children of the Fog, and it explores how far a mother is willing to go for her child.

Here is my mock-up of the back cover text:

Would you let a monster take your child?

A mother's descent into alcoholism and madness leads to strange apparitions and a face-to-face encounter with the monster who abducted her son--a man known only as...The Fog.

Sadie O'Connell is a bestselling author and a proud mother. But her life is about to spiral out of control.

After her six-year-old son Sam is kidnapped by a serial abductor known as The Fog, she nearly goes insane. But it isn't just the fear and grief that is ripping her apart. It's the guilt.

She is the only person who knows what The Fog looks like. And she can't tell a soul. For if she does, her son will be sent back to her in "little bloody pieces".

When her unfaithful husband stumbles across a drawing of The Fog, he sets into play a series of horrific events that sends Sadie hurtling over the edge. Unable to deal with her pain, she drowns her sorrow the only way she knows...

Children of the Fog is with my new publisher, Kunati Books, and so now I must sit patiently and wait. Ok, can someone please tell me how to do that?

Well, I have a plan...I am now working on the long overdue Divine Justice!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of the bestselling novel Whale Song

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