Friday, April 20, 2007

Borrowing on personal experience

Though my novel The Defilers is not autobiographical, I borrow on personal experience when I write about my main character's journey back to the Christian faith and her battle with demonic forces.

Yesterday, The National Post published the story of my personal faith journey. The novel also borrows on my experience as a journalist, sitting in courtrooms, writing about third world housing conditions in pockets of Nova Scotia, and reading voraciously.

Though there is a faith component, The Defilers is a suspense novel with more than a hint of the paranormal. I know some will write off my personal faith turning point as a bad drug experience. But when we look at the shooting earlier this week in Virginia, we find it hard sometimes to find the right description for the shooter. Was he sick? Or evil? While the demonic might end up being only a metaphor, it sure is a helpful metaphor at times like this, no?

What's interesting to me is that over the years I've met people who find it easier to believe in supernatural evil than a good God. I used to work with an atheist TV producer who believed wholeheartedly in demonic possession. How about you?

The photo is by Chris Humphrey Photography---

Though he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he often travels to Toronto and Ottawa. He spent an afternoon with me and took a whole bunch of great photos. I have posted more at my blog.
His rates are exceptionally reasonable and he's a great guy.

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