Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hi ! ... and all that ...

I'm Ric Wasley, one of Cheryl's fellow authors at Kunati, and finally after battling the fiendish villains who run quirky cyberspace, I made it in to Criminal Minds. And damn glad to be here! (finally). I've got a new mystery coming out in April; http://www.kunati.com/shadow-of-innocence-hip-myster/ , so when Cheryl told me about this site, I couldn't wait to jump in and have some good fiendish fun.
Unfortunately for me, I've spent the past three hours also battling with numerous edits of an article that's due tomorrow AM ... oops it's that now. So all of the clever things I was going to say have run out of my ears along with my brain which has now turned to 4AM oatmeal mush.

But once I'm in full or at least partial command of may faculties again, I intend to post a series of creepy/spooky scenes tentatively subtitled, "Hey - don't open that door!" or "Look out - behind you!"
Well you get the picture. And I hope to make it as much fun as any good criminal mind can have in plotting the just or unjust deserts for their next victim and I really want to get all of you lovers of devious thinking involved too.

So until then, keep thinking devious thoughts and watch out for what may be lurking around that next corner...


Ric Wasley
Shadow of Innocence
Kunati - April 2007

You can pre-order a copy of Shadow of Innocence.


Ric Wasley has spent almost forty years wandering through corporate board rooms and honky-tonk bars. He now divides his time between writing mystery novels – Shadow or Innocence – A McCarthy Family Mystery – Published by Kunati, http://www.kunati.com , and observing the really ‘juicy parts’ of the human condition

New from Kunati Publishing: SHADOW OF INNOCENCE - The Newport Folk Festival provides a groovy backdrop for this fun and exciting mystery set in the music and drug soaked sixties. The Baby Boomers and everyone else are sure to enjoy this appealing mystery featuring a pair of musician partners in love and danger. Don't miss Shadow of Innocence! From Kunati Publishing.

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Cheryl Tardif said...

Whoo-oo! I can't wait to read your stories!!!

;) Cheryl