Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Genetically modified...

According a recent MacLean's article, "Canadians ate 4.5 tonnes of unlabelled GM salmon without knowing it this past year"

The world has not been able to unite on the issue of genetic modification.  There's no consensus on whether or not genetically modifying our food sources is safe, or how informed consumers should be, how it should be labeled, and whether or not it should even be occurring. 

Some say tinkering with nature is sure to lead to disaster while others are enthused that science is finding a way to safely feed a burgeoning world population. Who are we to believe? Who are we to trust? 

Is it true that selective-breeding programs and other farming practices down through the ages, and even the natural selection processes of evolution, shows us that genetic modification has been going on since the beginning of life on our planet? Is it only our legends and lore and imaginations that make the whole field of GMO seem so apocalyptic? In truth, emotions aside, is it a rational, safe and scientific endeavor?

Are our fears about 'where will it lead?', unfounded in fact and merely incubating in ancient stories of monsters and critters half man and half beast? 

Now that we can read human DNA are we going to disastrously tinker with it and make ourselves unbelievable villains or super heroes? Disease-free. An immortal, burgeoning population surviving on mass-produced GMO organisms?

Do we need some laws in this regard? Some international standards, perhaps?

In my upcoming trilogy, Project W. Olf, I look at the results of some fictional human genetic manipulations, and the role activists and governments, communities and companies need to play to keep us safe. Because if we don't act now, we will be so behind with our laws, criminals will have a strangle hold on GMO processes and commercialization and laws will be useless--much like what has happened in cyberspace. 

The need for moral and ethical standards is clear. 

Genetically Modified has been brought to you by DISPASSIONATE LIES 

Who controls cyberspace?

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