Monday, June 15, 2015


You are invited...


Oh, yeah! It's that time of year again.

Imajin Books, publisher of THE TRAZ, THE TRAZ School Edition and FATAL ERROR)  is gearing up for its annual Summer Sizzles promotion.
THE TRAZ - an Imajin Books' Crime novel

Things really heat up with the Summer Sizzles facebook party on Sunday, July 12 from 4 - 8 pm PDT (7 - 11 pm Eastern).

Imajin Books publishes its fair share of crime/mystery novels and novellas. In addition to my gritty "Bikers vs Cops" BackTracker Series, there is Cheryl Kaye Tardif's Divine Series, crime solving with a paranormal element.

There's the popular A PURSE TO DIE FOR by Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St. Pierre.  Gloria Ferris' award-winning CHEAT THE HANGMAN. There's the DEADLY DOZEN bundle that contains twelve of Imajin Books' best thrillers. Luke Murphy's DEAD MAN'S HAND and many, many, more.

If you're a crime fiction fan, a crime writer, a crime fighter or a criminal--you may want to visit with those who spin these tales of terror and you can on Sunday, July 12, 2015 on facebook.

Here's the link for all the info. Summer Sizzle Facebook Party

You are invited to attend so visit the event page and click the join button so we know to expect you!

Who will all be there?

Almost the entire Imajin Books crew will participate, from publisher to editors to authors to cover designers, formatters....

Fans of Imajin Books' authors will be there, eager to ask their fave writers questions and offer support and compliments.

Crime Fiction fans.

Aspiring writers will be there, schmoozing with those in the industry, asking questions, giving answers.

Other authors will be there.

Family and friends will stop by.

People who like winning things will be there--there are always lots of giveaways.

Those who love drinking virtual margaritas on virtual sunny beaches will drop by. Don't worry, there will be free virtual taxi service for those who overimbibe! HA HA!

Come on over, join in the fun! If you've never attended a facebook party, this is the one to change that!

Eileen Schuh, Author

Schrödinger's Cat

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