Monday, July 14, 2014

Digital data compromised...

News headline: Dean Del Mastro denies sending series of emails, trial hears.

In real life in 2014, it starts with the defendant denying he sent the emails but where does it end? 

Nearly 100 per cent of computer attacks are criminal in nature, say experts.Can a defendant argue the lab results were compromised? The police reports altered? The DNA analysis fixed? 

News headline: Malware threats making anti-virus software 'totally useless' 

Can organized crime hack into police computers? Pay someone to compromise forensic lab results? Force someone through blackmail or threats to fudge results? Can those with money and clout alter digital data to clear someone or, alternately, to make it seem their enemies are guilty? 

How safe is a forensic lab computer when hackers have been known to breach the computers of nuclear facilities? Hack attack on Iran's nuclear facility easier than thought 

There is an entire section at the back of my new near future release DISPASSIONATE LIES that outlines the news, technology and science headlines that inspired the story about the collapse of the internet, the global economy and the judicial system. It was written to provoke discussion and spark preparation for new technologies and their abuses and uses.

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