Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mystery Plot Points - THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS

Plot Point #3 - Who are the suspects?

Now that we know who dies, who are the suspects? The best mystery entertainment is always over the top! Colourful characters are just more fun and able to get away with extreme behavior. This helps your audience relax and enjoy themselves; it makes it easier for them to participate as well. Since no one is acting 'normal' it gives guests permission to act a little melodramatic as well.

In mystery entertainment, every character has a motive for wanting the villain dead. Here's the cast / characters for Midnight at the Oasis.
Deanna Berrington as Nadia of the Night - Betrayed by the Sultan
Tony Berryman as Sheikh of Shazam - Robbed by the Sultan
James Lazarus as Sheihk of Shyster - Blackmailed by the Sultan
Judy Smith as Samira of the Sunset - Cursed by the Sultan

The Arabian Mountain Spice Belly Dancers play the harem. Cam Berry as the Sultan of Haberdashery is not in this photo but you can get a glimpse him with Alice the drug sniffing camel in Plot Point #2 Who Dies?

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