Saturday, April 14, 2012

On writing Crime Fiction

I think it was the TV police/detective dramas that I grew up with that channeled me into Crime Fiction writing…I’m not sure. It was never a goal of mine to write either about murder and drug dealing and criminal gangs and computer fraud or the men and women who fight these crimes.

Yet…that what I ended up writing…an entire 7 or 8 book series on such characters and incidents. Oh, well…it’s an exciting genre with which to work. The play of good against evil is never so stark as in a good, old-fashioned, blood-letting murder…in a metal shed, in the middle of the Alberta prairie on an cold, dark October night…

Where do I come up with these things? Hmmm…well, I actually don’t. You see these…characters…channel their stories to me. I just type, and edit, proof, scrap, rearrange, and research, and query and submit, and re-do…


Crime writing. 

They say to write what you know but not many bikers, murders, 13-year old girls and cops write so I figured it was my duty to fill in for them. To let people know what it is like out there…or might be like. What it’s like in my imagination, anyways. Hopefully it is sort of close to what it’s really like--good and evil and mixtures of both.

Convoluted motives based on secret and traumatic pasts. Unknown futures. Broken promises in the name of the law. Lies to protect the innocent and uncover the guilty. Aching hearts, lost souls, and hidden emotions--or no emotions. Greed. 

Check out the THE TRAZ

“Cold, heavy metal in her hand...she’d shot someone. Who?” 
“The action and dialogue are visceral, relentless...blistering…”


Charmaine Clancy said...

Downloaded and can't wait to read, sounds like a great premise!
Wagging Tales

Eileen Schuh: said...

Thank you, Charmaine. Let me know what you think. I've entered your name in my draw for a Kindle for commenting on my blog. Check out these other stops on my Around the World Book Tour for more chances to win (I'm heavy into promoting THE TRAZ this weekend!) I know you'll like the short, sweet articles I posted about me and THE TRAZ.