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Canadian author visits young offenders


Canadian author visits young offenders

Yellowknife, NT, December 4, 2011  Canadian author, Eileen Schuh’s, trip to Yellowknife for her grandson’s second birthday turned into a surprisingly busy week as word of her debut YA novel THE TRAZ travelled like wildfire through this northern community.

“It started with a press release I sent to the northern media, announcing the book signing the Yellowknife Public Library arranged for me.  The next thing I knew I was doing my first-ever live in-studio radio interview with William Greenland on CKLB FM 101.9 FM , visiting the after-school kids at the Side Door Youth Center, and stopping in at the Young Offenders Facility to do some story-telling.  Yellowknife weather is cold and the sun is scarce this time of year, but the people are very warm--this town has embraced me and my work."

THE TRAZ is a story about 13-year old Katrina’s year with the TRAZ biker gang.  It is written for both adolescents and the adults in their lives.  This fast-paced, high-action novel comes with a resource and discussion guide that address social issues the novel touches on, such as gangs, drugs, swearing, decision-making, and depression.

“I use this novel to teach kids the vital importance of making good decisions and to educate them about ways to do that.  At the North Slave Young Offenders Facility I told the youngsters that even though Katrina makes some very poor decisions, readers find themselves cheering for her.  We all want her to be safe and escape the gang.  I told them that is exactly how I feel about them and how their community feels about them.  We want them to successfully deal with effects of their past poor decisions, get on with their lives, and contribute to their communities.  Aside from all that, I also encouraged the children to become readers and storytellers.  I know at least one of the young offenders was intrigued by the idea of writing stories.”

Schuh’s other book, Schrödinger’s Cat, is an adult sci-fi novella that examines the roles that choice and fate play in our lives.  “I call it a psychological crime drama that spans two universes,” Schuh says.

Schuh wraps up her northern trip Monday evening from 7 – 8 pm at the Yellowknife Public Library.  She’ll be talking about her books and her life as an author as well as selling and signing copies of her two novels.

Schuh felt she needed to return some kindness to this community so in addition to her volunteer visit to the Side Door Youth Center, she donated several of my books to the Young Offenders Facility and one of each of her novels to the library.

Schuh heads back to St. Paul, Alberta Tuesday.  Her next scheduled speaking engagement will be at the end of January when she joins her home town in celebrating Literacy Day.

Schuh’s books can be purchased through all major online bookstores and can be ordered in by your favourite brick-and-mortar bookstore. Check with your local library on availability should you prefer to borrow them.
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