Wednesday, March 02, 2011

And the Promotion Begins for Angel Lost

Angel Lost is now available on Amazon as a trade paperback--and can be ordered by any local bookstore.

As thrilling as it is to have a new book out, now my real work begins. (Not easy since I'm also working on another book in my other series.)

I'm beginning a book tour starting here today

I'll also be headed that day to give a talk to the Ridgewriters at Ridgecrest CA--the home of China Lake Naval Air Station. I love this group and I'm thrilled to be seeing and visiting with them again.

My official in-person book launch isn't until the last Saturday of the month at a small used book store--Books Off Main--in Porterville.

I loved writing this book. One of the plot lines was suggested by a police officer friend I met through PSWA and another came from something that actually happened in the next town from mine--the appearance of an angel in a store window.

So off I go on another wild ride.


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