Friday, December 03, 2010

Be Wary While Shopping

Already one of grown granddaughters had $20 stolen from her pocket while shopping. She was distracted because she was tending to a friend's toddler.

This is the time of year when the thieves are out in force and looking for unwary shoppers.

If you're going to leave your purchase in the car, not only be sure the car is locked, but that the purchases are in the trunk or on the floor where they won't be so easily seen.

Pay attention when you're walking in the parking lot with your purchases. Already have your key out. Watch to see who all is around you, if you're worried go back to the store and have someone walk out with you.

When you are still inside the store, keep an eye on those who are around you. Hang onto your purse, don't leave it in a basket or set it down anywhere.

It's too bad we have to think like this during the Holiday season, but far better to be wary than robbed.


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