Saturday, May 01, 2010

An Hour in the Life of PSI Agent Jasi McLellan, Pyro-Psychic and Criminal Profiler

May is National Crime Writing Month in Canada, and a new website has been created to honor this tradition. As part of this month's festivities, I was invited to guest blog and share one hour in the life of my crime-fighting sleuth, PSI Agent Jasmine McLellan (from Divine Intervention). Jasi is the leader of a team of psychic government agents who use their psychic gifts to solve crime.

So here is a never-before-seen look into Jasi's life...
    It wasn’t every day that Death came knocking in the middle of the night―at least not for normal people. But PSI Agent Jasi McLellan wasn’t normal.
    Neither was her visitor.
    Knock, knock!
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