Friday, January 29, 2010

The 2010 NYC Pitch and Shop Conference

I've always wanted to attend a writer's conference, but time and/or finances didn't always permit. This year however, I'm actually going to attend. Now , I've heard that going to a conference is one of the best ways to find an agent, and since I'm still in the market for an agent I figure it's a good investment. This particular conference is set up to allow authors to "pitch" their manuscripts to (not at) actual agents. Even if I don't find an agent at this event, at least someone may remember my face and have a decent word to say about me and/or my work in the near future... Anyway, below is the email I received from the conference and I urge everyone to join me!

Shop The Novel, Pitch the House

Dear Arnold,

Hello and thank you for your application. It is clear you are a serious writer and one capable of writing a manuscript that editors and agents will want to see. Following a review, we have decided to accept you into the upcoming NYC 2010 Pitch-and-Shop Conference.

Pre-conference assignments will follow upon registration. They are designed to help you perfect your pitch and focus on those specific elements the conference Editors want to see and hear you talk about.

At the conference, we will work to help your manuscript find a home at a major publishing house. If a publishing house wants to publish your novel, they will ask that you be represented by an agent; therefore, if necessary, we will assist you in finding suitable representation. We work with several agencies, including ICM, Folio Literary, Dijkstra Agency, AEI, Amster Literary, and others. No fee is involved. However, if your manuscript is not yet ready, the conference will provide you with a firm list of additional prep work you must complete before securing yourself either an Editor or an agent.

Registration can be accomplished at

More information will follow in the weeks prior to the conference.

We look forward to working with you.

Please RSVP you received this mail.

Best Wishes,

Michael Neff
Fiction Workshop Editor
NYC Pitch and Shop Conference


Michael Neff said...

Dear Arnold,

Hi, this is Michael. You will actually be pitching publishing house editors directly.

Good luck and get with me at the post pitch cool down at the New Yorker!


Juanita Rose Violini said...

I've never heard of publishing houses asking authors to be represented by agents before. What's wrong with dealing with the writer directly?

Arnold Wolf said...

Most, if not all, of the major publishing houses require that they be contacted by an agent regarding a manuscript and will refuse to deal with the writer directly.

Cheryl Tardif said...

That's been my experience too, Arnold. Smaller houses don't mind if you're unagented, but the big pubs prefer it.