Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Holidays

Well, for many of us the hoildays have come 'round again. Time for presents, decorations, food, drink, and being merry... but c'mon, as crime writers we know of the dark moods, impulses, and even deeds that come along with the fruitcake and mistletoe. Personally, I love the holidays. It's a great time to get reacquainted with family, friends, and if you're lucky that magical, childhood feeling of hope, awe, and even peace. Traditions play a big part in that, and many of us that may have become homogenized over the decades, find ourselves turning to or pining for holiday traditions of times past... remembering our parents and grandparents as they kissed our apple cheeks, filled our little grasping hands with gifts and food, and regaled us with stories of the holidays "back in the old country" or wherever... or whenever. But let us remember that there are those out there that serve a darker purpose, and they look forward to the holidays too. There are those that envy our peace during the holidays... those that would steal our joy, along with the noodle pudding, the mince pie, the turkey, the new IPods... lethal grinches lying in wait to make our holidays times of mourning and fear, as well as times of fun and joy. How many times haven't we heard about some poor soul found lying in a reddening snowbank surrounded by his or her pitiful array of gaily wrapped gifts? There have been some mystery novels written about the holidays, but c'mon, shouldn't YOU be writing one? The holidays are grist for the crime writer, a chance to foray into the safe lives of innocents and introduce murder, mayhem, righteous indignation and crime-solving... just in time for Christmas!

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