Thursday, August 13, 2009

He's a writer...

I have recently returned from a vacation in Puerto Rico. It was fun, relaxing, exhausting, expensive, and exhilarating. I really needed it and so did the whole family so we went and had a great time. I have some relatives there but opted to do the "tourist" thing and just stayed at a hotel and basically hung out. Not that I don't like my relatives, but they tend to take over one's vacations and then
you never really get to do all of the things you wanted, or how you wanted, or as long as you wanted... and I always leave feeling just a little bit guilty for imposing. That's the way I feel anyway. So I went, I saw, and my wallet was conquered but all in the name of fun and discovery. For once even the kids had a good time. When I got home however, some relatives had discovered that I had been practically in their backyards and started calling my parents... MY PARENTS!!! Oh well, I kind of expected it, and besides I knew what my mother's patent answer would be that would salve and satisfy all the hurt feelings... "Well, you know he's a writer..." I have learned from experience and countless conversations that my more or less conservative family members consider writers, artists, poets, etc. to be at the very least sort of weird or at the most eccentric and maybe a little nuts. So whenever irate relatives or friends call, my mother has always dismissed their complaints or worries with those soothing and totally encompassing words, "Well, you know he's a writer..." I have actually been present and watched as great aunts, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. nodded their heads as if in sage understanding as soon as my mother offered this explanation. Makes me wonder, are we really so different? Are writers and artists just a little left of normal? What the heck is normal anyway? Whatever it is, I kinda like my mother's explanation. People ask her, "Why does he go camping alone in the rainforest? Why does he spend hours alone typing, typing, typing? Why does he use so many big words when he talks? Why does he have a sea turtle shell hanging over his doorway? Why? Why? Why?" Well, 'cause he's a writer doggone it! Thanks mom.

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