Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meet More Authors On Line

The coolest thing I did last week was to get interviewed by a web site. Whohub is a directory of interviews with professionals in a variety of fields: communication, arts, technology, marketing, and other activities that require a creative flair. The site, through some sort of artificial intelligence I imagine, e-mailed me and asked me to participate as an author. I was directed to a web page on which I responded to question in an interview that was surprisingly relevant to my field and personality.

I enjoyed the virtual interview, and I hope lots of people will take a look at it to learn more about how I think. Members of this little community can exchange messages and questions too. If you're a literary or artistic type you might want to join yourself. And if you'd like to meet more writers and learn what they're really thinking, you should check out Whohub.

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