Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've got the feeling that once I blow this blog box open I'll really be able to run with it; so far I'm only peeking out through the cracks. An experiment or two or three or many more is what is required here.

Too busy writing my book to write about writing my book
- just wait till it's done though
- you'll be hearing alot more from me.

Oh, yeah, after that book is written I have five scripts to do for our new website; Mystery Factory or, as the case may be. And the case will be. The case for kids mysteries, the case for professional mysteries and the case for cluetrail capers. I get so excited about this stuff. I'd love to tell you about it but I think it's a bad idea to talk about things still in process, before they are ready to be released. The whole Chinese law of secrecy and all that.

Entertainment is suppose to thrive in tough economic times and it feels like those are upon us. Book sales should go up - if the books are not to expensive. Distraction at any cost is probably not true but distraction will be the attraction for sure.

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