Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cozy - defined

Many years ago, every Tuesday night, my parents would go to the Legion to play darts, leaving my sister and me alone with the monopoly board, a bowl of pop corn and the TV. We always watched The Avengers, while engaging in the high finance and real estate board game. Diana Rigg was awesome and the series a classic. I'm glad she maintained a presence in the mystery scene over the years. The following definition is one that she gives during the intro to a Masterpiece Theatre show:

"A cozy mystery refers to stories that take place in closed, often serene settings. An unexpected act of violence shatters the peace. A small group of characters falls under suspicion and a heroic detective arrives to solve the crime. Are usually solved within a short period of time, a week or two at the most. In general the solution is usually in plain sight from start to finish. And the killer has been onstage throughout. Motives are clear and simple. Somebody hates fears or envies somebody else or else stands to inherits a lot of money. One by one suspects are considered and eliminated, although the detective will occasionally find himself in a blind alley."

Diana Rigg / Masterpiece Theatre

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