Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time, time, time

Did I write about time bending before? Book writing has become so exciting that I wake up at the crack of dawn and head for the desk, only dragging myself away to go patrol the local campground in search of rogue coolers and other toilet rangers. As soon as I return home, it's back to the desk.

I know I have a family here somewhere, amongst the undone laundry or behind the mounting pile of recycling, because once in a while they place food in my general vicinity - not daring to come too close least they shake the floor, which shakes my desk, my pen and my temper. I really do want to find time to bring some balance into my life but it seems suicidal to abandon the muse when she is such a strong visitor. I can barely spare the time to write this blog as the magnetic force emanating from one of my other desk pulls me towards it.

So back to the intention of bending time - where there really is enough to do everything. The common 'spout' these days is flowing with how important where we place our thoughts so better to think there is enough than too little. Time is funny like that. And speaking of time, here's another of my favorite quotes:

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”
- Henry David Thoreau
So I guess you have to play with it, rather than kill it.

Hmmm - kill time -- now there would make an interesting if existential mystery.

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