Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fictional Blog

I love that people read my blog posts, but did you know that my fictional detective Hannibal Jones also blogs?

By now you realize that all crime fiction writers are schizophrenic – at least to the extent that our characters and the world they live in are very real to us. When I write I’m in my character’s head, and the space of the novels is not enough.

I started Hannibal’s blog a couple of years ago as a way for me to get to know my character better. Speaking in his voice, I offered his opinion on various subjects. I had a reporter interview him. I posted several vignettes exploring how Hannibal mentored Monte, his pre-teen neighbor. I also posted a number of short stories (under 1200 words) in the process of learning how to write flash fiction mysteries.

Due to time limitations in THIS universe, Hannibal hasn’t posted to his blog since Christmas, but the archives are still in full view on line. If you’re hungry for something a little different, if this sounds like an interesting writing exercise to you, or if you’d REALLY like to step into the mind of a crime novelist, Read Hannibal Jones' blog.

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