Saturday, October 06, 2007

Neurotic Ramblings

It's very strange to find myself writing mysteries as creating harm and suffering of any kind will send me running under the covers or to the back of the closet faster than than lightning ... so why pick murder?
I am actually picking the cluetrail, but so far haven't found a better format to put it in. Heists seem to be more about planning and robberies in and of themselves, needing to be solved, don't seem to hold an audience without a couple of stiffs thrown in. Does anyone want to solve who did something good? Where's the motivation for that?
Maybe I'm a throwback, in as much as the artists in a culture, whether writers or painters, or others, are apparently representative of that cultures subconscious of their time. Maybe I long for a more innocent time - or has time ever been more innocent?
I believe in the basic goodness of people but attention seems to be turning towards the dark side. Perhaps this is so that a light can be cast on it; child abuse, spouse abuse, elderly abuse can only be stopped once it is acknowledged to be happening. Violence, whether by nations or individuals seems to be such a childish response to apparent conflict and unexamined misunderstandings that it could be very depressing wondering if we will grow up before we destroy ourselves. But if people acted as adults, and there were no kidnapping, rape, or murder, what would mystery writers write about? It's an insane world we live in and trying to find common sanity can be challenging.
Lastly, the picture doesn't really have much to do with the posting, but I believe that writing, like life, should be colourful and illustrated. Or maybe it's depicting that one should be able to get drunk on innocence.

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