Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mystery Factory

Oh so slowly the new website is moving along: - We Make Mysteries - I shouldn't even be mentioning it because it's not ready to go yet; bits and pieces here and there have been inserted but much remains undone.

Part of the project is very exciting. A few different libraries have had events based on the Gumshoe Detective Agency - which is complete and the feedback is fabulous. The kids love our stuff!!! Easy to use, exciting to play.

The scripts for profession troupes are getting tested now and that is promising as well.

The third area, which is just being researched, is house parties; Cluetrail Capers. My quest is to find out what people want in a mystery house party. The box games have been around for years; to mixed reviews - some fun, some boring. Pretty much depends on who's playing them probably. My challenge is to come up with something more guaranteed for a good time. Something failsafe in the script; but it won't actually be a script. More guidelines and set up and a secret surprise that I'm not talking about yet.

At the moment I'm wondering; do people like themes? Which ones? How much preparation are they interested in doing? Would they have a mystery party just to have fun or for someone's birthday or anniversary? If anyone would like to give input on any of these questions, I would love to hear it!

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