Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Total Write-Off! Update

A Total Write-Off! is a fast-paced and fun television series where two teams of writers match wits in a writing showdown as they compete to create short stories based on spontaneous audience suggestions. With comedian Barbara North as host and ringmaster, it's a hip Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets Just for Laughs for both wordsmiths and fans of the written word.

Edmonton mystery author Cheryl Kaye Tardif is one of the contestants!

13 x half-hour TV series

  • Now airing on Access on Wednesdays at 9 pm MT.
  • Canadian Learning Television - starting March 14th at 6:30 MT: 8:30 ET and you can WIN PRIZES!!
  • BookTelevision - starting March 16th at 6:30 MT; 8:30 ET

Produced by Panacea Entertainment

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