Thursday, April 16, 2009

An interview with Angela Cameron, author of Nocturne

Today, I welcome author Angela Cameron to Criminal Minds at Work to discuss her latest novel--Nocturne. Let's hear what she has to say about criminals, crime and writing such elements in a novel.

1. I’m new to your work, Angela, but I understand from your website that your stories generally include suspense subplots. Tell us about that.

Thank you so much for having me here! They do. My story Nocturne kicks off with a dead woman in the middle of a back road in the mountains. It and my romance novels follow the lives of women caught up in the search for a serial killer, running from a stalker, and other criminal activities.

2. Why is it that the stories have these crime subplots? Why not just write mysteries?

My main passion is for the paranormal, which put me squarely in the romance category in the current market, but I’ve always loved crime shows and mysteries. Having these subplots allows me to indulge my inner crime writer.

3. How do you do research for your crime plots?

There’s a combination. The first place I started was with reading Forensics for Dummies. I actually scared my husband for a while because I was fascinated by the information there, like how to kill someone in a way that was almost completely undetectable. When I finished with that, I watched a lot of true crime and true forensics shows.

The research for each story is a little different. For Nocturne, there was a lot of research on morgue operations, reporting, and body decay. I didn’t want to have a body that was intact when it should have been bloated and rigor set in.

4. Where does your inspiration come from?

Crime TV is a wonderful source for inspiration. One of my favorite shows, Most Evil, featured the top ten most evil serial killers. There were killers on the show that I’d never heard of and crimes that never imagined. It’s amazing how truly evil and inventive real people can be. Some of these crimes are too violent even to find a publisher who doesn’t flinch away, except in the horror genre.

5. Do you see yourself ever being a crime writer?

I do, actually. I believe that I will be writing mysteries under my real name in the not so distant future.

6. Who is your favorite crime writer?

James Patterson. Who doesn’t love Kiss the Girls?

7. Who do you think was the scariest criminal in history?

Jeffrey Dahmer was, for me, perhaps the scariest in the completely insane way. Trying to make real zombie friends is definitely an original.

The scariest--just because he was so sadistic and had the whole BDSM angle to his torture--is David Parker Ray. He may have killed sixty women, but no one is sure because he did such a good job of hiding his “toy box” and disposing of the bodies. At least with people like Jack the Ripper, they died the same day. Ray may have dragged his torture out for weeks or months, depending on the person.

-- Angela Cameron is the author of several works that range from horror to romance, and is known for wild, suspenseful rides through the paranormal. To find out more about her and her work, visit

Thank you, Angela, for visiting our blog and sharing your thoughts on criminal minds. I wish you the best in success with your novel Nocturne. ~ Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author

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Cheryl, Thank you so much for the interview. I really had a great time with it.